What is at the Heart of Truly Effective, Inspiring and Transformational Leadership?

Far too many leaders rely on power, authority or intelligence as the foundation of their leadership. They lead more from the outside in than from the inside out.


Gallup research asserts that one of the world's most serious problems - declining global productivity and human development - can be fixed not by politics and policies, but by effective, inspiring and transformational leaders.


At CORE Leaders International, we believe that personal mastery, developing your character and the core of who you are, is at the heart of all leadership that is truly effective, inspiring and transformational.


When organisations and leaders have power and authority without a strong and healthy core they cause so much damage to people around them and to our world.


That is why we are passionate about providing seasoned and emerging leaders with personal leadership growth and development solutions. Our vision is to play our part in building a growing international community of leaders devoted to personal mastery, transformed lives, and a better world. We call them - CORE Leaders.


CORE Leaders not only become more engaging and transformational leaders, but better husbands, wives, dads, mums, friends, sons, and daughters.


So, What Exactly Sets CORE Leaders Apart from the Rest and How Do You Become One?



Do you have Clear Values?

Leaders who are deeply and consciously aware of what is most important, to themselves and others, are able to lead with a greater sense of authenticity.


They make better decisions, decisions aligned to their true north, and they live with and on purpose.

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Do you cultivate Rewarding Habits?


It's been said, “Your habits will determine your future.”


Your emotional, social, physical, mental, and spiritual habits either break you or make you as a leader. They determine your future because they shape your character.


Truly effective and engaging leaders cultivate those habits that enable them to be at their best.

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Do you live with an Optimistic Worldview?


As a leader, your outlook on life and the meaning that you give to the different events that you face, shape your everyday interactions with those around you.


An optimistic outlook, grounded in reality, motivates you to lead more courageously and influence those around you to dream more, achieve more, and become more than they ever imagined.

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Do you nurture Empowering Beliefs?

What you believe about leadership, what you believe about yourself, what you believe about others, what you believe about life impacts your contribution, your legacy, your effectiveness, and your influence on others as a leader.


Truly transformational leaders overcome self-defeating behaviours by becoming more aware of their destructive beliefs and nurturing empowering ones.

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The Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu, said, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”


Being a CORE Leader requires consistent devotion to your ongoing growth and development towards personal mastery.


We've got a number of resources to help you on that journey. 


See below for resources and upcoming events that you do not want to miss.

Resources to Strengthen Your CORE

The A - Z of Personal Leadership Success Video Series

In the A - Z of Personal Leadership Success Video Series, Obi Abuchi, CEO, CORE Leaders International, shares 26 principles to help you achieve a breakthrough in your Personal Leadership.


These principles will help you lead with more purpose, authenticity, and courage as you break through your Wall of Personal Opposition™ - the fears, the doubts, the bad habits, the limiting beliefs, and the conflicting values that hold you back. 

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