Are You Walking the Walk or Just Talking the Talk?

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Do you recognise these values?

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Excellence

They sound like great values, don’t they?

Before the scandal that sent them into bankruptcy in October 2001, those were the corporate values that the Enron Corporation (an energy company that was based in Houston, Texas) espoused as their guiding principles for how they do what they do.

The problem was that it was all talk. In reality, there was another set of guiding principles driving their culture.

One person put it like this, “Enron’s collapse was a product of the culture of greed, dishonesty, ethical blindness.”

Bridging the gap between our talk and our walk, our espoused values and our lived values, isn’t simply a challenge for amorphous organisations, but a challenge for the individuals that lead at all levels within any organisation.

When organisations and leaders have power, authority and influence without a strong a healthy core they cause damage to the people around them and to our world.

That’s why we believe that truly effective, inspiring and transformational leadership that stands the test of time and doesn’t give in to the pressure of the next quarter’s bottom line, begins with personal mastery.

CORE Leaders are in it for the long haul and do the hard work of developing inner character.

Are you a CORE Leader?

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