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Obi Abuchi, CEO of CORE Leaders International and author of several books, including Leading from Your Core, is a transformational speaker with an obsession for helping leaders experience the power of leading from the inside out. For more than two decades, he has been fascinated by the difference that truly effective, inspirational, and transformational leaders make to those around them. He’s discovered that the most inspiring and resilient leaders have learnt the secret of effective influence - it begins with mastering one's self and channelling one’s ego in the service of others in order to lead in a way that is deeply purposeful, authentic, and courageous. Now, he uses that knowledge to help his clients.

Through compelling and vulnerable stories, deep insights, boat loads of energy, and personal leadership coaching, Obi equips leaders to break through fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, long-standing behavioural patterns, and bad habits so they can lead more purposefully, more authentically, more courageously, and more effectively than they ever thought possible. Some of the topics include: Live and Lead from Your CORE™ - Obi’s flagship keynote builds on the key insights from his book, Leading from Your Core, and challenges, encourages, and equips leaders to overcome self-sabotage in their leadership, know what they stand for, build moral character, hone their leadership philosophy, and achieve personal mastery so they can lead more purposefully, more authentically, more courageously, and more effectively than they ever thought possible.

Unleash the Magic of Monday - What is increased productivity on a Monday (or any other day) worth to you or your organisation? In this dynamic, inspirational and engaging keynote, Obi shares the winning formula for career success based on his book, The Magic of Monday. No one who hears this talk will ever see Mondays the same way again. Winning F.A.S.T.E.R. – Whether they define it as an increase in turnover, performance, market share, profit, talent retention, achieving their goals, or fulfilling their potential, every organisation and individual wants to win. In this keynote, Obi shares powerful ideas, techniques, and strategies for increasing your productivity, performance, and contribution to organisational goals by focusing on six critical areas Visit to find out more.

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