Resilience Quotient Inventory + 90-min Debrief

Discover your level of resilience and how to build even greater resilience

Resilience is the process of managing and adapting positively to significant sources of stress, it's bouncing back from adversity and growing as a person, even after difficult or traumatic experiences. 

In a world of growing demands and increasing uncertainty, personal resilience has never been more important. Many people now believe that resilience is a vital ingredient of success, whether you're a young graduate, an Olympic athlete or a senior executive. Fortunately, resilience is not a fixed characteristic; it's something you can learn and strengthen over time.

That's what the Resilience Quotient InventoryTM (RQi) is all about.

The Resilience Quotient InventoryTM (RQi) provides you with feedback on your resilience in 6 key areas (and 26 sub-areas) and offers practical guidance on how to build even greater resilience.

Our Certified RQi coach will work with you to develop a plan to build your resilience.

Get in touch today and begin the process of developing your leadership strength from the inside out.

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