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Resilience and Leading from your core

(9.30 - 13.00, 21st June 2022)
(9.30 - 13.00, 23rd June 2022)

Why do a lot of seasoned and new leaders fail to:

…consistently deliver sustainable results?

…cope well with pressure?

…effectively support their teams through seasons of tremendous change?

…build highly engaged and motivated teams?

…succeed in achieving both their personal and professional goals?

Whether they’re dealing with evolving customer needs, changing employee needs, harnessing the motivation and creativity of their people, business growth challenges, competitor challenges, the need to innovate and remain relevant in the marketplace, project deadlines or limited resources, most leaders, face a ton of day-to-day pressure as they respond to all that is going on around them.

Sadly, far too many leaders are consumed with addressing the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of their external world and pay very little attention to the ‘VUCA’ within.

The consequence is leaders who lack resilience, leaders who fail to achieve or exceed performance expectations, leaders who are unable to unleash the best in their teams, leaders who compromise some of their most important values, leaders who burn out.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Leaders can learn to operate in such a way that they stay motivated, resilient, inspirational and effective in the way they lead. The key is developing their personal mastery skills. This goes way beyond simply incorporating mindfulness and regular exercise into their daily routine, but involves doing the hard work of clarifying their values, walking with integrity, cultivating habits that maximise their energy and courage, addressing shadow beliefs, and growing their emotional intelligence.

Ultimately, personal mastery is all about taking care of, managing and leading oneself. It requires paying careful attention to the ‘VUCA’ within.

This session is designed to help new and emerging leaders develop personal mastery skills, what we call developing a strong CORE, which enables them to lead with resilience, purpose and deep compassion.

  • Achieve better results and create higher performing teams
  • Experience greater confidence in handling new tasks and taking on new responsibilities
  • Demonstrate greater resilience to change and stress
  • Motivate others more effectively
  • Build healthier and stronger relationships
  • Live more vibrant, fulfilling, and productive lives
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Leading from your Core
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