Leading from Your Core (signed paperback copy)

Leading from Your Core (signed paperback copy)



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In his inspiring new book, Leading from Your Core, Obi Abuchi, author of The Magic of Monday, sets out a compelling path to becoming a purposeful, courageous, and resilient leader.

For more than two decades, Obi has been fascinated by the difference that transformational leaders make to those around them. He’s discovered that the most inspiring leaders have learnt the secret of effective influence – it begins with mastering one’s self and channelling one’s ego in the service of others.

This isn’t a book for glory seekers, but for change makers. This isn’t a book for the power hungry, but those committed to lead by virtue of their character and principles. This isn’t a book for those who crave the rewards and recognition of leadership, but for those who desire to leave the most enduring of legacies.

Through compelling and vulnerable stories, deep insights, and experiences shared by more than 60 leaders who Obi interviewed for this book, readers will learn how to overcome self-sabotage in their leadership, know what they stand for, build moral character, hone their leadership philosophy, and achieve personal mastery so that they can lead more purposefully, more authentically, more courageously, and more effectively than they ever dared to believe.

Leading from Your Core will stir, confront, and encourage all leaders, and those aspiring to leadership positions, to experience the power of leading from the inside out.

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