Hi there, I'm Obi Abuchi, CEO of CORE Leaders International.


For more than two decades, I've been fascinated by the difference that truly effective, inspirational and transformational leaders make to those around them.


They see the potential in everyone around them. They inspire and equip others to dream more, think more, believe more, learn more, do more, and become more than they ever thought possible. 


They're able to do that because they have learnt the secret of effective influence - it begins with oneself and not with others. They've done, and continue to do, the hard work of mastering themselves. They channel their egos in the service of others and contribute in a way that is deeply purposeful, authentic, courageous, and effective. 


This sort of leadership not only transforms lives and leads to healthy and thriving organisations and communities, but it also creates a better world. And that's something I'm desperately committed to.

Our ultimate purpose as a business is to transform lives and create a better world.

Obi Abuchi, CEO, CORE Leaders International

We are committed to creating a dynamic and engaged global community of leaders who are devoted to personal mastery, resulting in increased levels of leadership effectiveness, personal fulfilment, transformed lives, and a better world.


Everything we do, including how we interact with our employees, partners, and customers, is SHAPEd by our values and guiding principles, which are:


We believe in putting in

the emotional, mental, and physical effort to create products and solutions that serve our customers and

equip them to be more

effective and more fulfilled


We absolutely love what

we do, we truly put

our heart into it,

and inspire others to

do the same


We see life as a dynamic and worthwhile journey with ups and downs and twists and turns, so we take the rough with the smooth, learning with every step and having a ton of fun along the way


We stay true to our WHY

- transforming lives and creating a better world -

in everything we do.

It really does get us out

of bed in the morning!


We are committed to delivering our best work, every time and in every way, and recognise that excellence is a habit

Meet The Team

Obi Abuchi


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Michelle Cheema

Digital Learning Consultant

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Sarah Bellorini

Associate Coach - Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner

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